I’m a Maker

I Built, Create, Invent, Share… and some times I just blew it, and try again.


Create &

We are surrounded by raw materials. Hopefully we can start using all for new purposes.


Things for Kids and their imagination (but most of it their requests)


Giving an Upgrade at that drink with that Snack


Custom Pieces made from scratch to make ideas come real


At least some of the Customers declare it

Welding and Fabrication

Not only for Rebels in a Galaxy far far away

Recycle and Re-use

Creating Something Useful with parts forgotten and discharged


Makers tend to be very useful

From hanging pictures on the walls, to 3D print that specific part that your old car needs. Makers can do all kind of trades.

Bar & Restaurant

Bar and Restaurants are very common customers for a Maker, they always brake stuff and they are always in need of catchy, unique pieces to make their brand stand from the rest

School and Educators

A Maker could be a Teacher’s best friend. Specially on those end of the year plays, when they can’t find who will make the gigantic octopus.

Tool Manufacturers

We have always have suggestions on tools, But most of it, we always know how to take the best of them, sometimes beyond what the original manufacturer could imagine

Manufacture Industry

The Manufacture industry is for a lot of Makers their close past. A lot of them know welding techniques, paint application, machine operation and some other very useful abilities

“Makers are crazy people; they don’t think right. My advice is: Grab a Beer enjoy the day, after a little while, you might be a bit drunk and you will not mind talk to crazy people”

– anonymus maker… (most likely boozed)

Did you know that Makers are the main source of tool borrowing between a group of friends?. Remember always keep your Maker Friend Happy!

― Every Maker in the World

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