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The Shipyard Coffee Table

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Almost 8 years ago, I found what it seems to be a part of a gate or fence from an old vessel. Showing several coats of painting, in tones of red, blue, green and white. The wood is Pine; old good pieces of 1-1/2” by 3” of salt cured, air dryed and aged wood.

The fence moved from my garage to jump over the years from storage to storage until finally end it up at my shop. I was certain there was no much options for it that keep their escence that turn it in some kind of shelving or table. And finally when I got the whole piece apart; to me the best option was a coffee table.

It has a length of 42-1/4” width of 19-1/2” and an overall higth of 18” the base is made of reclaimed square tubbing and scraps of steel. The bottom are protected by plastic caps to avoid damage on carpets, rugs or wood flooring.

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In this section you will find Unique Pieces, any of them are a cosigment job or someone else idea. Sometimes because the materials, some other time because was my idea or inspiration; be sure wont be 2 of the same. However the whole concept can be reproduced, adapted or even try to be duplicated as much as it could. Feel free to contact me with your own ideas or needs, after all this is why this website is for.

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